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Updating cs3

What new features are available that we may enjoy, or what work-flows are improved, etc.

Basically, I"m trying to decide if I should pursue getting approval for upgrades or not.

I manage IT for my company and generally try to stay out of our designer's way.

We are an e Commerce company, and our designers spend a lot of time shooting, cropping, and cleaning images for display of products on our website, so heavy use of Photoshop.

Also with that big of a jump I don't think you get an upgrade price. CS5 has content-aware fill, which cuts dust spotting time significantly. An 8x10 scan can exceed 2GB, however, so CS5 was a big upgrade for me.

CS5 on OSX is also 64-bit (you can work on larger file sizes, helpful for LF scans). On Windows, CS4 is 64-bit but of course doesn't have content-aware fill. CS3 was so long ago I don't even remember what was on it.

Open the RAW images in the Photoshop CS3 and when you see any multimedia file that is grayed out, it means that a plug-in from Adobe is required.Go to adobe.com, download updates and now go to Camera RAW Update.Select from a list of multimedia supported cameras and incorporate updates from operating systems on your computer.We also make product demo videos, so we rely on Premier as well as In Design and Illustrator for other tasks.We own several copies of CS2 and CS3, but that is the newest we have.

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There maybe still stuff posted on the web that compare CS3 to CS4 and then CS4 to CS5 etc. If some new gizmo saves me a couple of minutes per image-over the course of a year the upgrade will pay for itself many times over.

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