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Poly friendly dating sites

We are a vibrant community with several on-going monthly events that stretch the boundaries of the Greater Philadelphia area and even a bit beyond. We have a regular Western Philly Suburbs Meetup in King of Prussia. Other social and discussion events pepper the map, depending on who hosts them.

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding this group.

For information on the change to the new format, and a special offer we may have for you, please click here.

We do our best to provide a safe, and friendly environment.

We believe that we are able to run our relationships with honesty and integrity.

We meet monthly for a lively and safe social afternoon, often with a theme presentation.

· Polyfidelity · Bisexual and Lesbian Polyamorous · LGBT · Bisexual Polyamory · Polyamourous Women · Homosexual Polyamory · Open Relationships · Relationship Advice · Relationship Building · Alternative Parenting · Intentional Communities Please read the About Us section on the menu bar to your left BEFORE applying for membership to learn more about this group. People who practice polyamory are usually engaged in multiple, loving, committed relationships at the same time that are open and honest.

Meet up and Facebook also have public groups in most capital cities.

Our group is open to the public, so when joining our group, you are welcome to choose a pseudonym (on this site and/or in person at events) to protect your privacy.

Where does a Brisbane polycurious or polyamorous person get started if they want to find like-minded people to connect with or partners for a polyamorous relationship?

There is no single definition of polyamory, but the consensus among people who study and/or practice it seems to be that polyamory is “honest, open, responsible non-monogamy” that involves being open to more than one simultaneous romantic, intimate, or deep emotional relationship (these are usually but not always expressed sexually), and in which all parties have full knowledge of the arrangements and participate of their own free choice.

This refers to a variety of kinds of relationship, and also pretty clearly does *not* include certain kinds.

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