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In any event, the real stars are a bunch of crew-cut, overall-wearing wackos who incite the crowd through complex hand signals, the reading of which being just one of the many exciting things you learn during Fish Camp. They kiss their dates after every touchdown As Aggie puts it, “When the team scores, the Aggies score!When the Aggies score a touchdown and the cannon fires, that's the symbol for Aggies to grab their dates and give them a kiss, affectionately known as ‘mugging down’.” In other words, you’re going to spend 2013 wishing Manziel had gotten a longer suspension, and wondering when Aggie turned into Urban They claim they invented “The 12th Man” (they didn't), and that this makes them better than you “The 12th Man” was first used to describe supportive fans by one E. Mc Gowan, a captain on Iowa's 1905 squad, in a 1912 edition of least American thing you can do, although to be fair, Aggies do have a super-impressive tradition of never sitting down even once during games, making it easier for stadium employees to spot them pulling out their flasks before they get any stupider. Bible suited up some random from the stands, well, that guy didn’t even end up playing -- he just stood quietly on the sidelines like you’ll wish those Yell Leaders would. They’ll never hate your school as much as they hate the Texas Longhorns Their "war hymn" is based on a song called "Good-bye to Texas University". That swaying thing they do is called “sawing Varsity’s [UT’s] horns off”.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. probably some aren't but I'm generalizing Real men in the sense that they have old-fashioned, gentlemen's values.

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